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Eastwood Elementary School

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First Day of School  Wednesday, August 17, 2016
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News & Announcements

Gold Ribbon School

Gold Ribbon School Featured Photo
Eastwood named 2016 California Gold Ribbon School. The Gold Ribbon is California’s highest academic honor, created in 2015 to honor schools for model programs during rollout of the new California Standards. Eastwood was awarded the Gold Ribbon for its effective writing program.

Cyber Safety Alert!

Cyber Safety Alert! Featured Photo
There is an app out there known as Ogle that everyone needs to be aware of. Essentially, Ogle is an app that allows anyone to “anonymously” post anything that they want about any school they choose – including ours. Schools across the nation are reporting inappropriate posts on Ogle that vary between cyber bullying of other students, nudity and drug use photos being published and shaming of classmates, administrators and staff. There are other apps out there like this; however, Ogle seems to be the most popular right now. We are asking for parents to take steps to ensure that their students do not have the Ogle app on their phone, and that they do not access it. We are also asking parents to have discussions with their students about using the internet and social media websites appropriately. Please click the headline for a link to a great video about the Ogle app that includes important steps that both parents and students should take to protect themselves from it. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Be Ready with iReady Summer Challenge

Be Ready with iReady Summer Challenge Featured Photo
Students with the top number of iReady minutes will get to turn Principal Cantu into a human ice-cream sundae! Students are encouraged to log-in to iReady for 30 minutes 3 times weekly. Click on the title for details.